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Last Bitter Coffee

You have had a friendship that has lasted for years. You have struggled back to back in difficult times, and shared joy with coffee. You have realized beautiful projects and dreamed of bigger ones.

However, like the mortality of the world, these collaborations also have an end.

You feel your friend slowly drifting away. It’s like he’s doing it specifically. You cannot make sense of it. You can’t. You look for shortcomings in yourself. You set it up in your head, there are nights when you can’t sleep.

One day, after a long time, a request for coffee comes from your friend. You get excited. You go to the cafe where you will meet with the longing of the old days.

However, your friend is there with you to explain the new decisions he has made about himself.

The coffee you drink becomes increasingly bitter and assures you that this moment will be remembered for 40 years.

In fact, it is the fact that it was done in a planned, spread over process, rather than the parting of the roads that destroyed you. It is the disappointment caused by insincerity that upsets you. It is the possibility that you misunderstood.

The good aspects of your collaborative work, whose successes you talked about for years, are no longer talked about.

Pains, troubles, troubles are always voiced, they are constantly complained about. Then you realize that many of the things you hold dear were long gone.

Your friend has already formatted the past and sailed to the new horizons you always say.

This is the last bitter coffee. You realize it at that moment and you just stand there.

He is now on the road with his new teammates.

Such is life. Everything is ephemeral… Only God is eternal… He will never let you down. He knows you better than you. If you take one step closer, He will take ten steps closer to you.

In that case, rely on God, not on people… and be guided by wisdom… there is no other way out…

Note: This story is the English version of the one titled “Son Acı Kahve” and published on Medium.

Aykut GÜL



AgEcon | time management | simple life | digital declutter | mind mapping | education | ngo |

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Aykut Gül

AgEcon | time management | simple life | digital declutter | mind mapping | education | ngo |