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A Fresh Start…

Covid-19 pandemic is ending. Ramadan is coming closer. Probably the coldest but the last days for the winter, and Spring is almost at the front door.

That means this is the breaking point to make a shift from less productive and disappointing days to a new beginning.

So today I have set at the table, got a piece of paper and drawn a mind map to see the whole picture of my ongoing life, road choices to make a decision.

Here are the decisions I made as a result of the mind map:

  • spend less, give more — giving isn’t just about money or material things, maybe it’s more about mentoring and guiding
  • ask only Allah and take refuge only in Allah; the rest is temporary and helpless
  • read more, think more, produce more
  • write articles in English as well as Turkish
  • start podcasting — I even made one today
  • delete records that shouldn’t be in my contacts list
  • cut ties with toxic people
  • even less, have sincere friends
  • even if you’re surprised by the decisions of your close friends, don’t get carried away too much
  • simplify your life — less is more
  • participate more NGO activities
  • be more busy, be less alone

May Allah grant us to walk on the right path with the righteous until the last breath.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.” John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Aykut GÜL



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